4e euro : Article about our Thanksgiving sequence

What is Thanksgiving ? (Zoelie+ Melina) : it is an American tradition. It takes place on the 4th Thursday of November. It is a bank holiday and Americans go back to their families for this celebration.

How did we work on it ? (Apolline and Sana) We made posters, we worked in 4 groups of 6 and we had different informations about Thanksgiving in enveloppes, so we had to read, watch videos and understand and create a poster to tell the others what we discovered about this traditionnal American celebration. We learnt about the traditions, the food, where it came from when it started and the traditional things the American do. We also learnt words related to this theme. Then we spoke in front of the others to explain our posters.

Why is it celebrated ? (Nina) :1st Thanksgiving was in 1621 when the Pilgrim Fathers after their 1st harvest wanted to celebrate their good harvest. They thanked God but they didn’t invite the Natives who had helped them grow crops. But some natives joined them in this 1st Thanksgiving meal.

How do the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving ? (Loan and Sana) : Thankgiving dinner traditionally consists of a roast turkey with pumpkin and other vegetables, hot sauce and pies. This delicious meal is shared with the members of the family and often some friends. After the meal, there is the wishbone tradition : 2 persons pull one end of the bone and make a wish; the winner is the person with the largest part of the bone.

Our own « celebration » in class: (Chloé, Zoélie and others) Pumpkin pie is one of the typical dessert served for Thanksgiving. We worked on a pumpkin pie recipe and 5 of us cooked one and we all tasted them together on the following week. It was yummy and we shared a good time together, it was nice.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our sequence about Thanksgiving. We learnt a lot about this celebration and we also had a great time together and tasted new flavours ! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !

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